It is started by passion on design and craft in 2006. Then established as a business entity due to good response with brand of MicaWork in 2011.

The initial products are soft toys, pillow, and simple bags; developed into two range of product :

Travel Set
(neck pillow, bags, sleeve, hat, carset, etc)

Home Decor
(kitchen textile, cushion, soft toys, slippers, wall decor, etc)

MicaWork has always maintain the principles of unique design, product utility, also craftmanship; by keep explore the design and culture trend, as well as material rediscovery.

Besides using our own brand, MicaWork also working on projects and products that rebranded by another renowned firm.

We start to export products into Malaysia, Japan, Netherland, and some other countries.

Considering the importance of networks, MicaWork also regularly hold community workshop, especially women, so that they can work from home.

Our vision is MicaWork become a firm Indonesian company with product that conform to user experiences and need.